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International partner’s Reports

2014 Trafficking in Persons Report
09.07.2014 275-277
Trafficking in Persons for Begging – Romania Study
The study is dedicated to all the persons who suffered from maltreatment and for those who were willing to cooperate as research subjects, with the hope that the concentrated efforts of all, will assist to stop this type of trafficking and no one will suffer further.The responsibility for the opinions expressed and the concepts treated within the study are solely the responsibility of the research team and does not reflect the position of Swiss Confederation.The study was conducted within the
2013 Assessment Report: Targeted needs assessment of the legislative framework and institutional capacities of the criminal justice response in the area of anti-trafficking in persons in the Republic of Moldova / Vienna, March 2013
Trafficking in persons remains a major concern for Moldova and for countries in SEE. According to the trafficking database of the UNODC, in global comparison Moldova is one of the main countries of origin for trafficking victims. Over the last years, Moldova has undertaken a host of anti-trafficking efforts including establishment of a National Committee, adoption of National Action Plans, creation of a specialized police unit, designation of focal points within the office of the Prosecutor General, establishment of an


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