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National Reports

This information note focuses on two directions - activity of the National Committee and on the prevention and combating of THB in terms of National Plan implementation. Thus, in order to reflect the results achieved by he National Committee, we took as a milestone and analyzed the minutes and decisions issued by the Committee as a result of the meetings of 09.04.2013 and 15.07.2013. From the perspective of National Plan implementation, when developing the note we took into account the information provided by CPA and partners. Speaking about the National Plan, it is worth mentioning that both CPA and the implementation partners considered the actual circumstances to be a sufficient reason for the participation in the information collection cycle regarding the actions in the area of prevention and combating of THB: The petition no. 2404-48 was developed and disseminated on 20.06.2013 as a primary instrument used by the PS for the implementation of GD 472, particularly of item 91(3) ("monitor and evaluate the implementation of policies in the area of prevention and combating of THB by all empowered institutions, at all levels of public administration, as well as by IOs, NGOs working in this area"). This petition was meant for CPAs, IOs, and NGOs that participate, whether directly or not, in the prevention and combating of THB in line with the National Plan. In this regard, the analysis, synthesis and interpretation of answers to this petition has been a fundamental element of the working methodology.
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NATIONAL REPORT on Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings for 2012
Preventing and combating trafficking in human beings continues to be a priority for the Government of the Republic of Moldova, this fact being expressed in the national policies and commitments related to international standards.NATIONAL REPORTAnnex 1Annex 2Annex 3
Information about activities of Territorial Commissions for combating trafficking in human beings
This report aims at reflecting the functionality of the Territorial Commissions (TC) for combating trafficking in human beings (THB) as a result of actions coordinated and carried out at the local level, during 2012. The recommendations of the Global Report on Trafficking in Persons (2012th edition) drafted by the US Department of State revealed the need to resume the monitoring of TC and to revive them. The legal tools which provide the right to monitor Territorial Commissions can be found in the stipulations of p.91 of GD no. 472 of 26.03.2008 , stipulations of p.26 and p.27 of GD no. 234 of 29.02.2008 and the directives of Prime-minister’s Decision no. 2404-60 of 19 July 2012 , aiming at implementing the national anti-trafficking policies at TC level. Based on these stipulations, the Permanent Secretariat (PS) has initiated a range of actions which would make the TC responsible for implementing anti-trafficking policies at the local level.
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